Deborah Rhee Abstract Paintings

Deborah is an Australian-born artist, residing in the WA, having lived in TX,  and SF, Bay Area of the USA since 2010. Through her world travels she has met wonderful teachers and supportive peers while being exposed to different materials and ways of thinking about process.

Through a process of introspection and trial, she has discovered inks, acrylic, pens and paper as new tools, learning how they feel, what marks they made, the sound they make when being used. I reconnected with my reasons for creating and explored new media, this has helped me return to what I dearly love- Painting. 

Her art consists of working with layers of oil paint and glaze. Deborah's paintings are a journey in color frequency, each color having its own unique vibration. Layer by layer, the color is applied until a harmonious frequency is realized. When the colors have found harmony in their differences, the painting is complete. 

Some of the paintings have taken years to be built to this stage, others happened more quickly. Some, thin veils of light others dense and delicious. I delight in it all. Paint is part of Deborah's nature.