"Illuminated Abyss" - Chuck Gumpert Paintings

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Oil & Mixed Media, 48" x 36"

Exhibited professionally for more than 15 years throughout Washington, Oregon, and California, Chuck Gumpert’s bold abstract works and unique figurative paintings have enticed fine art collectors nationally and internationally, and his work has complimented the work of designers and architects in significant public projects in Seattle and Portland.

Lush, varied, mixed media layers of oil, acrylic, ink, graphite, and collage give Gumpert’s provocative and gestural works depth and energy.  The work invites viewers and collectors to explore and process their own internal and personal narrative, and creatively experience whatever flows through the art to them.  Each may have their own very unique response — interpreting shapes as subject, colors as emotions, or brush strokes as musical expressions.

Gumpert enjoys when his abstraction has the power to awaken subjective memories or unconscious associations — an escape into the kind of reality we experience only in our dreams!

“When people ask me what any one piece is about, I can’t always put my finger on what I tapped into in the moments of its creation.  Each new painting is a culmination of forty-plus years of learning, experiences, emotions and observations — and a further exploration into my imagination, my memory, and my heart.  I’m not a poet or philosopher — I’m a visual artist.  I prefer to believe my "story" has been told on the canvas — I invite you to explore yours!”


Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants

Chuck Gumpert's “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” collection offers a bird's-eye view into the world as if you were looking down through the clouds or as the title suggests, standing on the shoulders of a giant. The title stemmed from a quote attributed to Isaac Newton — "If have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants."

"I have also learned much from all those who have come before me in terms of art and abstract expressionism," Gumpert commented, noting that the phrase pays tribute to his many influences among mid-century master abstract expressionists and others.

The shapes and marks that frequently appear in these works can be interpreted differently depending on the individual viewing the work. Sometimes people see them as a view from above — of architecture and roads or segments of a rural landscape. Some just enjoy the energy and the action, and the flow of the composition and colors.