Klein Metal Work

Metal Fabricator / Artist | Jim Klein | Silverdale, WA

The start of my metal working career began in the late 70's where I received my first welding training.  Shortly thereafter I joined the US Navy and became a Nuclear Components Welder.  This allowed me to become deeply knowledgeable about metal pipe, piping components, plate, valves and their application to end use. To me, the industrial design of these items are not just utilitarian but artistic in nature.  This motivated me to use various metals, to create these absolutely unique items.  Each design is an effort endeavoring for elegant minimalism.

The major equipment used to create these containers are:

Metal lathe


Brazing torches


Measuring devices

A multitude of hand tools

Some of the projects completed are: 

Classis English style 120 foot metal fence  

Sho Sugi Ban cedar and metal fence.  75 feet long

Numerous porch grates

Metal gates

Plinths and fireplace implement holders

Tall and short lamps

Most of my designs are predicated on inspiration from the Arts and Crafts era.  Especially of heavy influence are the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.