9 oz Garlic Dill Mustard Squeezer

9 oz Garlic Dill Mustard Squeezer

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Company | Mustard & Co. | Seattle, WA

Even before Mustard and Co. came to light, we've been huge fans of Jacobsen Salt Co. So when we teamed up to bring you the best of the Northwest in the form of a classic brown style mustard, it was a dream come true. These guys make the world's greatest salt and it's just the right touch to complete this five ingredient mustard. And don't let the spice fool you, horseradish is not one of the five. Use as it as your favorite brown mustard on sandwiches and grilled brats, but don't forget its place in barbecued ribs or a simple salad dressing.

Mustard & Co. is a Seattle, WA based company.