Bainbridge Knitted Hat

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Artist | Elizabeth Garcia | Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Woolens is committed to using ethically-sourced 100% American wool, supporting our domestic fiber farming and milling industries. All items are hand knit on Bainbridge Island and only a few items of each design are produced.

Wool is an amazing natural fiber that has been mislabeled as itchy, fussy, expensive, or worse. Bainbridge Woolens items are knit from super soft, squishy, warm, and luxurious wool yarns --- no itch in any stich!  while they do require a bit of effort when laundering, that care will reward you with many, many years of warmth and comfort.

Wool is:

Sustainable: A natural fiber that is renewable and biodegradable

Thermo-regulating: Keeps you warm when you need it, cool when you don't

Water resistant: Can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without losing its insulating properties (perfect for our light rain/mist!)

About the Artist

Elizabeth Garcia has been a needle art enthusiast since she was a child beginning with cross-stich at an early age and sewing shortly after. Later, Elizabeth majored in Costume Design in college where she learned how to create and execute on a vision with fabric (and other materials). She began knitting as an adult and instantly fell in love with the versatility of wearable, functional art made with two sticks and some string.

Elizabeth recently moved from California to a wooded acre on serene Bainbridge Island with her family. The Pacific Northwest climate requires cozy knits for much of the year, which is just the way she likes it!