Eagle House Sue Coleman Art Card

Eagle House Sue Coleman Art Card

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Eagle House

The Haida people built two different types of houses, which differ mainly in the type of construction. Eagle house is type 1, a simple support structure of two parallel beams set on pairs of uprights. To do this they added framework of rafters, corner posts and gables, and then covered them with planks. This type was used throughout British Columbia and was the main type of house for the whole region.

Sue Coleman for over 25 years has earned international recognition for her distinctive watercolor paintings. Especially popular have been her 'Interpretive' Northwest Coast Indian images, which have been reproduced and sold to collectors world wide. Sue's years of research have culminated in a book entitled "An Artist Vision".

Sue maintains a studio in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, Canada and paints a variety of subjects from misty west-coast scenes, wildlife, landscapes, and more. Sue Actively works to promote environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. Her work is represented in Limited Edition Reproduction , Art Cards, Posters, and Collector's Plates, and several books which she has both written and illustrated.