Cozy Llama | Watercolour Sticker

Cozy Llama | Watercolour Sticker

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Celina Nerison | Washington

🦙🧥❤️ Get Cozy with Our Llama in a Sweater Sticker! ❤️🧥🦙

🎨 Our 1.47" x 3" Cozy Llama stickers feature a cute illustration of a llama in a cozy grey sweater, perfect for adding some charm and personality to your belongings. 🦙🧥

Made with high-quality vinyl, our stickers are durable, weather-resistant and perfect for sticking on your laptop, phone, water bottle, or anywhere you want to add some cuteness and coziness. 💻🚗🚲🥤

✨ Whether you love llamas or simply enjoy a cute and quirky design, our Llama in a Sweater stickers are the perfect way to showcase your style. ❤️

✨ Plus, their small size makes them easy to stick on any surface, so you can add a touch of charm and coziness to anything you own. ✨

🤎 Get your Llama in a Sweater sticker today and let everyone know about your love for all things cute and cozy! 🦙🧥❤️🩶