Pacific Northwest | 3D Topographical Wall Art

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Company | Micropolitan | Pennsylvania (Invited Brand)

About this product

This Pacific Northwest map is great for housewarming gifts, office wall decor, or just unique wall art. They are made via 3D printing from 3D satellite data. Features: - 3D topography with mountains and valleys, extremely detailed layers - Hanging hardware on the back of the frame - Engraved Frame Dimensions: - Maps are fitted into frame that is 13 inches square (Height and Width) - They are 2 inches deep - They each weigh around 2 pounds, so they can easily be mounted on a single nail, or even command strips. Materials: The frame is made from wood. The Map is made from strong 3D printed Plastic. The maps are mounted to the glass. Displaying: These look great hanging on a wall, leaning on a display, or laying flat on a table. To make them pop, hang them near natural lighting, so the buildings cast shadows across the map.