Real Zebra Wood Browline Style RetroShade Sunglasses by WUDN

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Company | WUDN Handcrafted | Hidden Springs, Idaho

Hybrid Zebra Wood Half-Frame Sunglasses Combining eco-friendly bio-acetate half styled frames with all-natural zebra wood temples, our Hybrid half-frame sunglasses are the perfect blend of classic and modern design. Thanks to the unique, zigzag woodgrain pattern of the zebra wood, each pair of these wooden sunglasses are one-of-a-kind – offering a signature style statement that’s as unique as its wearer FEATURES * 1Handmade, cut, and crafted from locally sourced zebra wood materials and eco-friendly acetate half-inspired frames * 2Industry-leading polarized lenses for unrivaled clarity in the brightest conditions * 3Super durable, ultra-flexible design thanks to stainless steel spring loaded hinges * 4Comes with Cylindrical Bamboo Carrying Case & Micro-Fiber Travel Pouch Unrivaled Clarity OFitted with high-quality polarized lenses, the hybrid zebra wood browline sunglasses offer complete UVA/UVB protection while the anti-glare, scratch resistant coating keeps your vision crystal clear in even the brightest conditions.
Made in United States of America