Steller's Jay Sue Coleman Art Card

Steller's Jay Sue Coleman Art Card

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Steller's Jay

Raven held a feast, inviting the other birds to bring food. He built a fire and while the food was cooking began to get hungrier and hungrier. He greedily decided to get all the food for himself, and so he sent the other birds to get more wood for he fire and when they were gone ate all the food. On their return, the birds were angry and Thrush began scratching in the ashes for scraps which caused her coat to become speckled. Robin probed into the center of the fire pit and the heat turned her chest bright red. Flicker flew in circles over the dying embers, scorching the underside of his wings. Meanwhile the Jay sat in the branches and screamed with anger. In his frustration, he began twisting the feathers on top of his head into a crest and began to lose his breath - so much so that he turned the colour of blue that he is today.

Sue Coleman for over 25 years has earned international recognition for her distinctive watercolor paintings. Especially popular have been her 'Interpretive' Northwest Coast Indian images, which have been reproduced and sold to collectors world wide. Sue's years of research have culminated in a book entitled "An Artist Vision".

Sue maintains a studio in Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island, Canada and paints a variety of subjects from misty west-coast scenes, wildlife, landscapes, and more. Sue Actively works to promote environmental awareness and wildlife conservation. Her work is represented in Limited Edition Reproduction , Art Cards, Posters, and Collector's Plates, and several books which she has both written and illustrated.