Mini Ceramic Air Plant Holders [Marble]

Mini Ceramic Air Plant Holders [Marble]

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Company | Organic X Oddities | Portland, Oregon

These cute mini planters are perfect for holding air plants or small succulents. They are handmade out of Southern Oregon. Each vessel is unique, and because of the hand made process there are imperfections that are a natural part of the character of ceramic. Color options include charcoal, light grey, mint, sky, rose, marble, and creamsicle. Each holder measures approximately 2” H 1.75”D Due to these all being handmade, none are exactly the same, the photos are examples, while each one is made unique for you!
Made in United States of America

About Organic X Oddities: When a few of her friends and family managed to kill their supposedly indestructible air plants, Cameo wanted to help both the plants and the people. From there Organics x Oddities launched its first product: Air Plant Nourishing Spray. Her appreciation for plants furthered her drive to increase her plant care line, which now includes an Organic Indoor Plant Fertilizer Spray and an Organic Indoor Plant Pest Control Spray. Her botanical line has embraced botanical décor with unique handmade holders to display air plants, succulents and cacti. They come in resin, terracotta, ceramic, and wood. Organics X Oddities also released a personal care line that contains foaming hand soaps, massage oils, cuticle/bath oils, and dry shampoos. Most of the ingredients are grown in her own organic backyard garden. In addition, to cultivating her small BIPOC owned business and hanging out with her newborn and two amazing dogs, Cameo works at a non-profit organization that blends her passion for environmental sustainability and giving back to her community.