About Us

Millstream started as a business over 30 years ago in Seattle.  Roger Fredericksen was a school teacher who happened upon a store on Mercer Island that had hand-carved and painted decoy birds.  As a boy Roger had enjoyed carving, and he decided to try his hand at making wood decoys.  After starting by showing his pieces at farmer's markets and fairs and getting to know many local artists and artisans, he decided that Seattle needed a special store that celebrated the art and beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Roger Frderickson 
After several years and different locations including Pioneer Square, Roger moved Millstream to Bainbridge Island in 2012, where it has lived in its shingle-sided seaside home ever since at the corner of Winslow Way and Madison Avenue in the heart of the Winslow town center.  Millstream quickly became the go-to gift store for Islanders as well as a delight for the many off-Island guests who come to visit our little slice of paradise.
In March of 2020 Roger decided to finally retire, and then we all were hit by the disruptions of COVID.  The store briefly closed. 
Derek and his partner Michael, two Islanders for whom Millstream had been their source for delightful local gifts and one of the must-sees for visiting guests, decided that they didn't want the Island to lose this special place, and reopened as Millstream Bainbridge in July 2020.

Our goal is to continue what Roger started, and offer unique and beautiful works of art from local artists that celebrate the Pacific Northwest, and especially our bountiful natural beauty.  That's why you'll always find pieces that celebrate all of the trees and animals that flourish on Bainbridge Island and the Pacific Northwest.

You'll also always hear the sound of birds chirping their joyful songs.  On a visit to the store a few years back Roger told us "Do you hear the birds?  When you  hear the songs and echoes it means that everything is and will be okay."