Fly Fishing Leather Bifold Wallet

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Company | Simply Me • Gentlemen Est. 2017 LLC | Spokane, WA

A wonderful men's gift, hand dyed in a rich mahogany. Hand dyeing each wallet will be different and unique depending on how the hide takes the dye. With that being said, each piece is hand dyed, this is not manufactured, and the hide determines how the dye will take. They are not 'flaws', leather is natural, and unpredictable, making each wallet one of one. ***If you would like the wallet a different color, please just ask. Since I hand dye the wallets, there are a few more color options.*** APPROXIMATE DIMENSIONS: - 7 3/4" W X 4 1/4" H FACTS: - Laser Cut and Engraved - Hand Sewn - Hand Dyed - Hand Conditioned - Assembled by Hand - Real Leather - Bifold (5 pocket) - Made in the USA - Lifetime Guarantee - Handcrafted and Handmade by Trent & Casandra Quintero