Alki Supply Co.

Company | Alki Supply Co. | Bellingham, WA

"Hello there, I'm a self-taught graphic designer (of sorts) who was born and raised in Washington State. I love branding, retro-inspired design and creating images that celebrate places. I have over 5 years of e-commerce experience, 1000+ orders fulfilled and nearly 300 5-star reviews on Etsy to date (since 2019), and have worked with at least a dozen shops in the Bellingham, WA area on a wholesale basis. Alki Supply Co. started as a little online store to celebrate Washington State. However, I realized pretty quickly there was a lot more out there to celebrate than just my little corner of the world. So I opened it up to other places and ideas I've experienced and wanted to celebrate. What's with the name? "Alki" is the unofficial motto of Washington State. This word was placed on the territory seal for Washington before it was even a state. Alki is a Chinook word that seems to hold many interpretations. "Bye and bye", "Hope for the future", "Eventually", "Into the future" or even "I will see you again". The combinations of those phrases gives a sense of hope, optimism, longing and potential. Thank you for visiting my storefront and please let me know if I can answer any questions you might have." - Evan