Simple Goodness Sisters

Simple Goodness Sisters | WilkesonWashington

Simple Goodness Sisters syrups are grown and crafted in small batches to make the tastiest possible drinks at home, simply. Founded by two sisters, a farmer and a bartender, Simple Goodness Sisters syrups capture the intense, pure flavors of a season and naturally preserve them. We grow the majority of the ingredients for the syrups on our family farm in Buckley, WA. Other ingredients are sourced with intention, supporting others using ethical growing practices. Simple Goodness Sisters syrups begin on our ten acre cocktail farm. Then, in our kitchen an infusion of whole fruits, herbs, and spices is added to organic cane sugar and water. Infused with exact timing for maximum flavor, the syrups are deeply flavorful and nuanced, showcasing the unique subtleties of all ingredients. No preservatives, dyes, concentrates, or other additives are ever used to make our products. Our respect for our time-honored craft is evident in each bottle of pure and delicious syrup. Simple Goodness Sisters syrups are a true simple syrup, with a 50/50 mix of water and sugar, so that they may be easily substituted in hundreds of classic cocktail recipes calling for simple syrup, sugar cubes, or grenadine. While everything we make and grow at Simple Goodness Sisters makes delicious garden to glass cocktails, we encourage you to use the syrups however, whenever you want. Our customers use them in non-alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea. desserts, breakfast foods, and baked goods.