Megan Marie Myers Art

Location: Bend, Oregon

Type: Greeting Cards, Art Prints, stickers and more!

"I am a Bend, Oregon based painter and illustrator. My artwork is inspired by the outdoors and the connection we have to our natural surroundings and to each other. I paint my images with acrylic paint on canvas. From there, I reproduce them into a variety of keepsakes, such as greeting cards, postcards, giclée fine art prints, stickers, logs, and journals. I'm always developing new images and new products that showcase my artwork and connect us, so definitely check back for new items now and again! My work explores landscapes composed of whimsical mountains, forests, deserts, rock formations, oceans and rivers. The children and animals that typically appear as my subjects radiate with innocence and a sense of wonder brought forth by a connection to nature. The characters journey through the outdoors, exploring themes of companionship, protection, wilderness and the greatest adventure of all, love. Because of this sensibility, my work has found a special home with adventurers, explorers, kids and kids-at-heart within my local community and the outdoor industry. I hope that it can also find a home with you. Thank you for visiting!"

- Megan Marie Myers