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Kombucha Town | Bellingham, WA

Propel your adventure. Protect your planet. Kombucha Town brews energizing and refreshing drinks that bubble with life. Packaged in cans so they're easy on-the-go and easy on the earth Kombucha Town beverages are organic, fair-trade and non-GMO! At Kombucha Town, we engage with our community to build a better society and environment through the products we craft and within the actions we take as individuals and together as a community. We're excited and grateful be able to help support small businesses & advocate for healthy lifestyles! Back in 2011 when I first founded Kombucha Town I had simple goals, make a delicious product that was good for both people and the planet as well as support my mother who had recently been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. Now ten years later I am very proud to say I have accomplished these goals & am very excited to share our amazing products with you. Over the years we have had several innovative firsts in the functional beverage world including first live kombucha in a can, as well as, the first Live Seltzer water with probiotics. We believe cans are the very best option for your convenience, quality, and the environment. Additionally, our cans are made in the USA (which means more money to support American jobs). We invite you to join our mission of creating a healthier and happier world one can of delicious bubbles at a time.

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