Screamer | Redmond, WA

At Screamer we believe in beautifully designed accessories because one hat can make a look, but many hats make a wardrobe. Our design team is constantly on the search for textiles that stand out by their color, content, or functionality and we take pride in producing apparel that we love as much as our customers do. Whether you fancy an urban, mountain or beach lifestyle, we have a hat for you. Founded in 1992 on a Park City ski trip by Jan and Steve Burkholder, Screamer has grown into one of the most recognized names in ski resorts across the country. While this may give one the impression that we are a massive conglomerate, we are merely a small family company looking to fill a need for the accessory connoisseur. In 2018, Jan and Steve decided to retire and transitioned Screamer to family friends Julie and Robert Treves. The Treves’ relationship with Screamer began when the family patriarch, Tom Treves joined Jan and Steve on the founding trip to Park City. For the 25 years that followed Tom took the family on a week-long Thanksgiving retreat where every family member would get their own Screamer hat from the latest catalog. Our walls are currently decorated with 25 years of Thanksgiving family photos with Screamer hats. Screamer has a simple sales philosophy: we want happy customers. If that means we have to replace colors and styles that don’t work in your shop, we will do so. Our goal is to provide you and your customers with an outstanding experience.