Fluff Hardware

Fluff Hardware | Boise, Idaho

Fluff Hardware is an Idaho grown jewelry business operating in the heart of Boise, Idaho. Fluff was introduced to the Idaho community by owner/designer Solymar Palm in 2011 and has since become a well recognized Idaho jewelry brand. Fluff's vintage and nature inspired accessories functions as a creative outlet and labor of love for the 4 women on the Fluff team and lends itself to the company's ever present commitment to elevate and enhance the unique strength, individuality and beauty of the modern woman. Beyond jewelry, Fluff Hardware is an instrument with which to work alongside and partner with local and international organizations that share its core values of empowering women and girls and cultivating confidence and leadership. You can find Fluff Hardware at dozens of different retail locations around the Pacific Northwest, on their website and at their studio and storefront in Boise Idaho.