Washington PNW Sticker

Washington PNW Sticker

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Company | Alki Supply | Bellingham, WA

 Washington state has some pretty cool geography which is on exaggerated display in this awesome sticker. A lot of us have stories of trips over the cascades, heck, even ben gibbard of death cab for cutie has that line, "when every thursday, i braved those mountain passes". Those cascade mountain passes are a common experience for a lot of us washingtonians. Show some love for the west side, the east side, and the mountains that split the state down the middle.

This is a super high-quality vinyl sticker that'll brave the elements. You can stick this guy on your water bottle or car and know that he'll stay there for all your adventures and keep his vibrant colors. These stickers will even weather trips through the dishwasher. Don't worry if you aren't doing anything extreme though, this sticker will feel right at home on your laptop too.