Jelly Fish Chandelier

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Artist | Opal Art Glass | Cosmopolis, WA

About the artist: Opal Art Glass is an art glass studio and gallery in Cosmopoolis, Washington, owned and operated by Johnny and Darlene Camp. Opal Art Glass creates exquisite pieces of art glass which are shipped to galleries, museums all over the globe. Johnny and Darlene's dedication to glassblowing is evident in the excellent quality of their work. Johnny and Darlene work together as a team to create intimate works of art as well as large scale commissions, ranging from traditional forms to contemporary styles.

The Jelly Fish Chandelier comes with a 60 watt led light bulb. The chandelier is approx 9'' W x 24'' L. Comes with 6 tentacles. The jelly fish also can be hard wired into the ceiling, and the light bulb is dimmable.

The Amethyst Jellyfish chandelier is currently being featured at the Millstream Bainbridge Gallery & Gift Shop. Teal Jellyfish arriving in May 2021!

Please contact Derek for more information: (206) 842-4495.