Jahna Vashti

Artist | Jahna Vashti | Vancouver, WA


Type: Whimsical, Nature Inspired, Imaginative, Adorable, Animal themed

About this Product:

Welcome to The Wondrous World of Jahna Vashti. Born to create, Jahna paints the world as she imagines it. All of the silly and fanciful thoughts one has a kid never ceased. In 2011 her paintings started piling up. Hearing the words “It makes me happy” over and over again, Jahna realized her purpose. Taking a leap of faith, she had her work printed and quickly started selling online, in boutiques & shops, and at local craft fairs. Creating products from her art has been Jahna’s full time dream job ever since. Whimsical art that brings joy one card, print & sticker at a time!