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Tulia’s Artisan Gallery is a Latina-owned business with a mission to showcase high-quality Colombian craftsmanship by collaborating with master artisans who preserve & strengthen the diverse cultures of Colombia. Our collections include hand-painted flying mobiles, blank notecards with bronze butterfly ornaments, kids' bracelets, and indigenous art vases. We use fair trade principles while collaborating with artisan partners, most of whom are indigenous or Afro-Colombians. We are proud members of the Fair Trade Federation, Museum Store Association, and Chicago Fair Trade. A portion of our proceeds funds indigenous-led projects throughout Colombia. CEO & Founder: Karen Torres is a Chicago native, born to Colombian immigrants. She's had a lifelong desire to learn about her Colombian heritage. Genetically, her ancestry is half European and half Indigenous but she has a stronger emotional connection to her indigenous roots and mourns the loss of this cultural heritage under colonial rule. Her indigenous ancestors were most likely Muysca, from present-day Boyacá. Thus, Karen is committed to working with indigenous artisans and ancestral techniques whenever possible and supports projects that preserve the rich ethnic history and art of Colombia’s indigenous peoples.