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About Adventure Story

Adventure Story started as our exploration of how scents evoke memories. We started with some of our favorite memories and blended our own scents to tell the nostalgic stories of moments from our past. Through lots of candles made for friends and family, we honed in on the best wax and scent blends. Our in-house crafted scent blends burn cleanly and add ambiance to any room without overpowering. Our custom scent blends make our candles unique among other candles in the marketplace. We hand-pour our candles in small batches in our La Conner, WA studio. We use organic coconut and soy waxes and sustainably harvested wooden wicks in our candles. Our house-blended fragrances are phthalate and cruelty free. Our rocks candles are poured into heavy duty rocks glasses and come with instructions on how the glass can be reclaimed once the candle has been completely enjoyed. Each candle is packaged in a matte finish box. We not only produce candles - we own a retail store in La Conner, WA. This gives us deep understand of the unique needs of retailers and boutique owners as well as what customers are looking for in their purchase. Our candles are a staple for our customers at our store and we hope they become a favorite of your customers as well!