Joanne Onorato Fine Art

About the Artist:

"My interest in expressing myself through art started as a toddler in
Astoria, New York, painting with my mother's lipstick on a bathroom wall
followed by making cards for every occasion.

Later, when going to school, I stayed on the NYC subway because the
next stop was the Guggenheim museum. It was there that I fell in love
with Picaso and Klee, Dali and Modigliani.

The Museum of Modern Art was my next love with my fascination of
Warhol, Chuck Close, Matisse, Van Gogh and Chagall to name a few.
Always drawn to the avant guarde. Always observing past and present.
I moved on to the Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) astonished by
Caravaggio, Sargent, all impressionists, Munch’s the scream. I was in love.
(College travels, boat building school, a sailor then....)
I enrolled in art classes at Stoneybrook on Long Island then at the Artist’s
Students League in NYC.

Uncle Mio brought me to a billboard
shop in Maspeth, Queens. It was Foster and Kliezer and I was about 12
years old. He told me 'you're gunnabe a billboard painter some day.'
The idea stuck , though I was resistant because it was "commercial art".

Fast forward to... I needed a job. I applied and got into the Foster
&Kliezer as an apprentice. I was hired and loved - loved it! I painted night
and day for years. Photorealism of the 80s. Later, after transferring to their LA
shop, the world went digital and I left billboards. I was crushed . Then again
there was James Rosenquist. He was a billboard painter. I shared his vision.
He painted products and people in a consumer world but it was never
about product. Painting for paintings sake regardless of who my Patron was.

My work speaks of nature, of joy, of memories , of people. Its always the
light that draws my eye. We are children of light and sound and water.

Each stroke in my painting is a moment. I hope you can join me in my journey,"

-Joanne Onorato

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