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I grew up in Lincoln, a small Oregon community now nestled in the Cascade Siskiyou National Monument. Here, I could step out my back door to explore seventy-five acres of towering pines and firs, and encounter the creatures who inhabited my world. I gained an intimate understanding of those acres and their animal inhabitants: I knew where a particular wildflower would appear, where the Tree Swallow would likely nest, and where to find petrified wood after the first heavy spring rains. I once encountered a coyote turning back to stop and stare at me, yellow eyes gleaming. I held an injured Sharp-Shined hawk and a pygmy owl—both completely unafraid. Orphan Girl Fine Art brings together my love for wildlife, my passion for art and my taste for tea. I paint with Gouache on up-cycled teabags. So, why teabags? Because their muted colors and textures enhance the natural qualities of fur and feathers, bringing to the paintings a softness and warmth that that mirrors the creatures I paint. My line of products derived from my original artwork brings rich encounters with nature and it's denizens into homes across the county. A reminder to step back and feel connected to the natural world.