Chickadee & The Whale

Chickadee & The Whale

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Company | Schiffer Kids

About this product

A charming story about two unlikely friends. Chickadee is a baby songbird whose curiosity gets the best of him. He explores beyond the safety of his forest home that borders a sandy beach and the open ocean. Meeting a variety of creatures and experiencing some exciting adventures, he does not notice that he is getting too far away from safety. A storm comes up and the winds carry Chickadee over the water, where he eventually falls in. He is saved by a baby Humpback Whale and they become friends. After the storm ends the baby whale and his mom takes Chickadee back to land and to his family. This story introduces a variety of actual wildlife in the forest, on the beach, and in the ocean. The artwork portrays the characters with sweetness and charm, and each animal introduces a real bit of educational information and personality that will enthrall the child in each of us. Early reader–ages 5-8. Edition 1. Hardback binding. 40 images. 40 pages.

Author: Clark, Catherine E.