Clustered Wisteria Necklace- 18 inches

Clustered Wisteria Necklace- 18 inches

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Artist | YedOmi Jewelry | Portland, Oregon

YedOmi Jewelry is handcrafted in small batches by Naomi and Yed in their studio in Portland, OR. Established in 2001, this wife and husband team create intricate metalwork jewelry with precious and semiprecious gemstones. Naomi started metalsmithing in college where she welded with steel and cast sculptures in bronze. Soon she found herself making tiny sculptures and fabricated her own jewelry line. After she recruited her husband Yeder, their designs have been in museums and galleries across the USA.

Precious metal cable chain is embedded with tiny silver balls called caviar metalwork. A concentration of these balls are at the center and dispurse gradually. Hook and eye sterling silver clasp. Length is 16 and 18 inches adjustable. *Finishes: SS- All Sterling Silver, OXSS- Oxidized Black and Silver, GF- 14kYellow goldfilled and Silver, RS- 14k Rose goldfilled and silver, GFOX- 14kYellow goldfilled and Oxidized black silver

Made in United States of America