Fat of the Land

Fat of the Land

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* quirky, engaging book about the hot topic of sustainable foods * combines adventure with locavorism * delves into iconic northwest staples, such as huckleberries, dungeness crab, and morels Foraging is not just a throwback to our hunter-gatherer past; it's a way to reconnect with the landscape. And langdon cook is not just your typical grocery cart-toting dad. For him, gourmet delicacies abound, free for the taking if we just open our eyes. As a result, he finds himself free-diving in icy puget sound in hopes of spearing a snaggletooth lingcod, armed with nothing more than a "hawaiian sling." he tempts fate by eating mushrooms that may or may not be poisonous. He strings up a fly rod to chase after sea-run trout. He even pulls on the gardening gloves to collect stinging nettles. In wry, detailed prose, he traces his journey from wrangler of pre-packaged calories to connoisseur of coveted wild edibles.