Mirror Drip Bouquet Necklace

Mirror Drip Bouquet Necklace

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Jeweler | Black Drop Design | Vancouver, British Columbia

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Millstream Bainbridge considers the Canadian province of British Columbia north of us as part of our region, the Pacific Northwest.

About this Product:

Black Drop Designs photo jewelry is designed and made in Vancouver, BC. Jade combines her experience in photography, her work in a silversmith’s studio and a lifetime of making art for herself. Inspired by her surroundings and travel, Jade works frequently with tree imagery, but she also loves urban architecture and city lines. In order to honor the subject matter that Black Drop celebrates, their goal is to have as small a footprint as possible. Black Drop supports local businesses for labour & supplies, redirects acrylic from the landfill by using off-cuts from their acrylic supplier’s larger jobs whenever possible and minimizes and reuses packaging at every opportunity.

Mirrored photo pendant handmade with acrylic, resin and a photograph. 1.75" tall. 18" sterling silver curb chain. There is also a photo of a similar pendant being worn and also of a necklace as it comes, packaged.