Mom Everyday Greeting Card

Mom Everyday Greeting Card

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Company | A Smyth Co. | Seattle, WA

A Smyth Company believes the best way to connect with people is with humor and honesty. They try their best to incorporate these principles into every greeting card they create. The “we” in A Smyth Co is the sister/brother team, Amy and John Smyth.

Amy is the founder, co-owner and designer of A Smyth Co. greeting cards. "People think I say funny things and can pick the perfect color. So, I made a career out of it." John is in an aerospace Engineer that has turned greeting card entrepreneur. "I love problem solving for our company and our customers. My goal is to help create the best atmosphere for my sister’s creativity to thrive, so she can create a dynamic product range that sells in almost anywhere. I think we have created collection that is proving to do just that."