Orca Aerial - Timber Wall Art

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Cedar Mountain is our love story. It goes like this. Boy meets girl. Girl meets boy. Boy (Don) is a theatre designer from Winnipeg with a burning desire to make and sell wooden birds. Girl (Suzanne) is a teacher in training from Vancouver with no ideas whatsoever about wooden birds. Boy and girl go on a date, share a bottle of wine and their hearts crack open. 

They came to Saltspring Island in British Columbia, Canada for a getaway in January 1993 and decided to move. Almost forty years have since past, and they’ve made thousands of products in our backyard workshop. It’s very personal. It’s frenetic. Every single thing that leaves our studio is authentically us. It's absolutely overflowing with passion and made with love.

About this product

If only we could be a bird just for one day. Our Timber Art wall & shelf art blocks, and their popular smaller version, Tiny Timbers, feature an array of imagery, from whimsy to nature, that elicit a feeling of timelessness. This piece was designed by Saltspring Island artists from Big Bear + The Wolf. Printed on hand-plastered cedar board Keyholed for easy hanging Thick enough to stand unsupported Individually gift boxed Original: 5.5" x 18" x 1"