Pacha Earrings

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Artist | Britta Ambauen Jewelry | Seattle, WA

Pacha is the an incan concept for dividing the different spheres of the cosmos: the "above world", the "below world" and "this world".  the circles of the earrings represent a string of "worlds" or spaces that we inhabit. In my own life, i experience a sense of slipping from one world to another.  sometimes, i get caught in one and forget about the others.  eventually, perspective shifts, and everything looks completely different.  there's the world in my studio, of metals, stones, tools and focus.  there's the snuggly baby world of nuzzles and giggles, bottles and burp clothes, hedgehog toys and picture books.  there's the underwater, the inebriated, the outside, the well rested, the stuck, the in love, the silly, the content, the worried, the footloose and fancy free. -Sterling silver or 14k gold fill -Small circles are 4mm in diameter, large circles are 9mm in diameter -1 1/4" length