Tiny Asymmetrical Pine Tree Stud Earrings

Tiny Asymmetrical Pine Tree Stud Earrings

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Description: Sweet little sterling silver stamped studs. Randomly stamped pine trees will vary on each earring. No two will be exactly the same. Earrings are oxidized and tumbled for a matte silver finish. Each earring measures approx 1/4 inch diameter. Comes with sterling silver clutch style earring backs.

Artist: Silentgoddess Art Jewelry (Tenino, WA)

About the Artist:

Most of Silentgoddess art jewelry starts off as a hand sketched drawing that is then cut out using a jeweler's saw. The jeweler doesn't use any templates, each design is drawn onto the metal then sawn out. They also design and fabricate gemstone jewelry using traditional metal smithing techniques. Every piece of jewelry Silentgoddess create is a small piece of art that is meant to be worn. Their favorite metals to work with are sterling silver and 14kt gold.