Saving Squeak

Saving Squeak

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About this product

An exciting tale about a young human hero, Braden, who discovers Squeak, an orphaned baby otter, in the park. Thinking quickly, the young hero and his parents contact a wildlife rehabilitator to collect Squeak and nurse him back to health. Although Braden would like to keep Squeak as a pet, he learns about otters and the importance of rescuing and rehabilitating wildlife that lives among humans. This story is based on the work of wildlife rehabilitator, Suzanne McBride, who helps return healthy river otters and other creatures to the wild. Squeak is a real otter that now resides at the Calvert Marine Museum, in Solomons Island, Maryland. It is cared for by doting aquarist Linda Hanna, who enjoys the antics and games of the furry mammals. Early reader–ages 5-8. Edition 1. Hardback binding. 30 color illustrations. 32 pages. Author: Curtis, Jennifer Keats. Publication date: 2010-09-20.