South Sea Shell White Pearl Strand Necklace

South Sea Shell White Pearl Strand Necklace

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Company | Roma Designer Jewelry | Eagle, Idaho

Every woman needs a luxurious strand of pearls (or two) in her jewelry box, and this one is sure to be a family treasure for generations to come.  A stunning necklace crafted from genuine South Sea Pearl shells, flawlessly shaped and polished to perfection.  Features a sterling silver screw-down closure adorned with inlaid crystal, and individually hand-knotted, 14mm gray mother-of-pearl beads forming a single 20" strand of unrivaled beauty and elegance.

PRODUCT DETAILS * Length: 20" * Pearl Size: 14MM * Closure: 14MM Screw-Down Ball * Pearl: Genuine South Sea Shell * String: 100% Dyed Silk * Closure: .925 Sterling Silver with Inlaid Crystal * Overall Grade: AAAA * Luster: AAAA * Body: AAAA * Shape: AAAA * Nacre: All (100% nacre)