Amanda Weedmark

Company/Artist | Amanda Weedmark | Courtenay, B.C., Canada

Values: Not on Amazon, Women Owned

About the artist:

Amanda Weedmark is an artist inspired by nature, nostalgia, & mid-century modern design.

"Whether it’s a favorite past-time or an upcoming adventure, exploring joyful things & getting back to our basics can help us feel whole & connected. I believe with an open-mind, a curious heart, and fearless effort to dip our toes (or dive, if you’re brave) into the unexplored, we can do magical things. And that’s a big reason why I design. My goal is to help customers celebrate and commemorate that journey through expressive illustrations on high-quality product. I also want to bring attention to subjects that are important along that journey, like conservation, connection, and wellness. My work is inspired by nature, wonderful nostalgic memories, & mid-century modern aesthetics. I hope that each piece adds a little simplicity to your life, sparks a fond memory, and/or encourages you to lean into those things that make you feel good. For an inspired life and a better world," -Amanda Weedmark