Salish Sea Greens

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Salish Sea Greens is committed to bringing the flavor of the sea into your everyday life. Our Kelpy cuisine comes brimming with coastal nutrients.
Kelp is sustainable and renewable. It improves water quality and mitigates the effects of ocean acidification. enjoy these sea greens and support keeping our oceans healthy.

Why “Salish Sea” Greens?

The Salish Sea was formed by ice and consists of the Puget Sound, Strait of Georgia, and Strait of Juan de Fuca. Two large and extensive glacial lobes formed the topography and waterways that we see today. The Salish Sea is rich in culture, natural resources and animal species.

The word “Salish” derives from the indigenous peoples of the northwestern US and British Columbia. We use Salish Sea in our name as a tribute to the Native namesake for these waters and the food we source from it. More than ever, it is important for us to find sustainable ways to nurture ourselves and give back to the environment, just as Native tribes have done for generations.

Our determination to incorporate healthy sea plants, such as kelp, into delicious food products that promote sustainability makes us proud to be Salish Sea Greens.